The PCSI was among the first few societies of paediatric cardiology established in 1999. During the last two decades, we have grown into one of the prominent societies for paediatric cardiology leading academic activities across India and in running a world class journal ‘Annals of paediatric cardiology’. The Vision of the society is to be one of the ten best academic societies for Paediatric Cardiology in the world.

Our Mission is to facilitate the provision of equitable high quality healthcare to children with heart disease in India through world-class excellence in education, academic activities, research, and advocacy.

Aims and objectives
The aims and objects for which the society established are as under: -
i) To encourage and promote welfare of the infants and children with heart diseases.
ii) To increase awareness among practicing physicians and pediatricians regarding optimal care of children with heart disease and their early referral to institutions with Pediatric Cardiology & surgery services.
iii) To publish journals, newsletters, organize seminars, symposia and conferences at regular intervals
iv) To encourage training and research in the field of Pediatric Cardiology.
v) Creation of a common database for Pediatric Cardiology.
vi) To cooperate and affiliate with other bodies involved in care of infants & children
vii) To help in strengthening of the current teaching curriculum in MD, DM and DNB so as to have adequate focus on Pediatric Cardiology and creation of specialty of pediatric cardiology.
viii) To create and enhance sub-specialties of pediatric cardiology including pediatric interventions, pediatric electrophysiology, adults with congenital heart disease, pediatric cardiac surgery, cardiac anesthesia etc.
ix) To collaborate with industry to create low-cost solutions to pediatric cardiology, surgery needs
x) To educate the community at large, regarding modes of prevention and treatment of various heart diseases in the children.
xi) To help establish new centres for pediatric cardiac care